Yay for Being Born!

See that banner up there? It hangs above the sink in our apartment. It’s a silly, hand cut sign I made for my roommate Tamara (also our Chief Wellbeing Officer) for her birthday in February. Yeah. February. It’s May now and we’re inching quickly towards June. It’ll probably stay up until we leave our little home here because: 1) We’re both short and taking this down would be a whole thing and 2) It makes us happy.

Each day since that little birthday celebration, it has turned into a different sort of banner to us. When we drag ourselves to the kitchen in the mornings to groggily get coffee, it’s a reminder that we’re alive and we need to wake up to the world around us. When we come home from the end of a long and/or frustrating day where things didn’t quite go as we planned, it’s a reminder to celebrate and have gratitude for what we have now. This banner made from leftover scraps of paper has accidentally become a positive cornerstone of our little home. It’s helped shift my perspective from cynicism to optimism.

Do you keep reminders around your home/car/office that help ground you or give you peace? What words or phrases center help turn your day around? Let us know on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

Nancy's convinced that powerful change for good happens when you rally your most trusted lady friends and make a few dozen Google Docs. When she's not training for a triathlon or marathon, she enjoys a night at home with the world's largest bowl of popcorn, a bottle of wine, and Season 2 of the West Wing.