Where Are The Pants?

We are excited to share a pants update with you! All of us here at Sassy Pants have very different backgrounds and none of those include apparel. It has been quite the journey, from conceptual discussions around design to where we are now. So where exactly is that? Since our last pants update, we have made it about halfway through the list of stages!

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 10.00.18 PM.png

We received our very first prototype of Sassy Pants in the mail. We cannot express how exciting it is for us to see our vision realized! Our pants started out as simply fabric. We physically went into stores, searching through huge stacks of fabric to find the one that surpassed our incredibly high standards for “sheer” quality (as in, not being SEE THROUGH) Then we shipped the fabric off to our pattern maker in New York, knowing the next time we saw it, it would be the very first pair of Sassy Pants!

We worked with our designer to incorporate all of the feedback we received from you, our community, to ensure that we were creating something that would cater to what women really want in their athletic apparel.

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-18 at 10.02.49 PM.jpeg

We now hold in our hands the very first pair of Sassy Pants! They are definitely not ready for sale quite yet, but it is incredible to see something go from our chicken scratch sketches and fabric into real life pants you can WEAR. Pants that will one day empower and inspire you to truly be the badass woman we know you are.

What's next? Now that we have the prototype, we are currently fitting the pants to our size model and making any adjustments to the pattern. We will get another sample to make sure that everything is juuuuust right. Once we’re satisfied with that, we’ll start the fun project of finding a ethical manufacturer (!!!).

We are thrilled to share our journey of creating Sassy Pants with you and hope to share another milestone update with you soon. In the meantime, follow our social media! We always welcome your feedback.