We put our sass on one leg at a time.

Nancy Calderone, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

With vast experience in politics, technology, law, and her brief stint at Build-A-Bear as a teenager, Nancy leads Sassy Pants as its Chief Exec. A few years ago, she shoved everything she owned into her Honda and trekked from Los Angeles to DC in search of new adventures and four seasons (weather, not hotel chain). When she’s not building Sassy Pants with her kickass team, you can find her swimming, biking, or running in pursuit of whatever crazy (borderline reckless) goal she’s committed to. She believes that twist off caps on wine bottles are a sin and she speaks to no one before coffee. Someday soon she’ll have an empire of fitness clothing that empowers women to stake their claim in the world: at the gym, on the race course, and in the boardroom.

Elizabeth Terry, Co-Founder and Chief Organization Officer

Elizabeth came here to drink a Coke Zero and dismantle the patriarchy and she's all out of Coke Zero. She’s a special education teacher, writer, and photographer. She's lived in Boston, Los Angeles, D.C., and London. Her patronus is a bald eagle and she just might become POTUS one day. She loves politics and taking her dog to the park. When she gets an idea, nothing can stop her. What a Gryffindor... (She’s also not-so-secretly in love with Erin. They’re actually married!)

Tamara Wurst, Chief Wellbeing Officer

Tamara is 100% an actual ray of sunshine, real-life Disney princess, topped with a background in biology and experience serving communities in health. When she's not starting Sassy Pants meetings with Yoga or Meditation, Tamara helps craft our message and support our community with creative wellbeing tools. She loves bows and flowers and probably is baking something right now. It probably has sprinkles. She also may or may not have an entire cabinet filled with Coconut LaCroix in her apartment.  It’s not an addiction.

Erin Oliphant, Chief Technology Officer


Erin is a Slytherin, time travel enthusiast, and actual scientist. No really, she's studying to be a forensic molecular biologist. Her body is composed of 60% water, 25% coffee, and 15% useless trivia. Her hobbies include reading true crime novels and watching television shows with strong independent women fighting otherworldly crime. She can be summoned with a Mountain Goats vinyl record and a French press.

Scully, Chief Ins-PAW-ration Officer

Scully, Chief Ins-PAW-ration Officer

Scully keeps her moms, Erin and Elizabeth, in line at home and the office lively and full of bouncing joy. She actually bounces like a rabbit. Scully helps the team by being a calming force in times of stress and will occasionally bark at someone vacuuming in the hall. While we're convinced that she's part cat due to her ability to sleep just about anywhere, we love having her as part of the Sassy Pants Team!

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